You Never Know How Someone Will Find You Online

Ta_amyredmond_1Last month I wrote about finding the Bathtub Art Museum online.

What I didn’t mention, and what is most important, is how I came across it. Listen up, because this affects you if you’re hoping to drive browsers to your website.

I was actually Googling “Redmond art museum” because I was going to be near Redmond, WA and wanted to see what was around there. But, as you may recall from the previous post, the Bathtub Art Museum exists in Portland, OR. Why did it come up with a “Redmond art museum” search?

Well, it came up because there is an artist in their collection by the name of Amy Redmond. Her page on the BAM website holds the honor of the first spot on the Google page for “Redmond art museum”!

Web guru Pat Velte, in our recent teleseminar, calls this "entering through the bathroom window." Instead of finding Amy Redmond on the home page of her own site, I found her, ironically, through the bathroom window of the BAM site.

Image: Amy Redmond, Bubble Mobile. Pen and marker, 5.5 x 8 inches. (c) The Artist.

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2 thoughts on “You Never Know How Someone Will Find You Online”

  1. …and if you searched for BAM and Art Museum, you might come up with the Berkeley Art Museum in addition to the Bathtub Art Museum…

  2. This is a good reason to post your resume on your website with list of collections…or anything else that includes specific names and places that will come up in a search. I’ve had several hits (one person browsed for 20 minutes) from people google-searching a particular lawyer in Minneapolis. I doubt if these folks were contacting him because his firm owns my paintings…but I like to think I provided a nice little side track from whatever legal problems they were dealing with!

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