I would love to help.

You are committed to your work and your life as an artist.

You show up in the studio and are dedicated to the evolution of your work.

This is a must for working with me in any capacity because, as I often say, without the art you are not an artist. Without the art, there is no art business or career.

Artist Tracey Hewitt in her studio.
Artist and Art Biz Connection member Tracey Hewitt in her studio.

You know that the artist’s life is a journey that unfolds as you take one step at a time. Patience is required, and you know better than to look for a magic potion that is infused with all of the answers. But, hey, if you stumble across that magic potion, take a swig. You know. Just in case.

You accept 100% responsibility for your growth as an artist.

You don’t have time for making excuses.

Let's make sure we're a good fit. I suggest your first steps are to read about me*. Maybe read a few blog posts or listen to a couple of podcast episodes.  

If it sounds like we could work well together, consider these three options.

Most Popular Starting Point




You are dedicated to the work in the studio and are producing consistent work. 

You have a good business foundation in place.

Maybe you're stuck and unsure of your next move. 

You feel like you have moved beyond the need to take business classes.

You'd like a partner to strategize with—to brainstorm, discuss ideas, and help with decisions. 

You believe you'd work better with a little accountability.



You are building or rebuilding a business or career foundation.

There is an aspect of your business you feel could use some more work—a topic that one of my seasonal programs addresses.

You don't know where to begin.

You have a studio practice, but feel like you never have enough time with your art.

You're tired of trying to figure it out by yourself, and understand that you can improve results dramatically by being in community with other artists.

Most Popular Starting Point



You long to be part of a community of ambitious artists, but you don't feel like you need structured business lessons.

You'd like trusted people to help generate ideas, ask questions of, and hold you accountable.

You know that you always learn something when you are around other intentional artists.

Get extra support from me during my monthly office hours and Salon discussion group in the Art Biz Accelerator.

I like to get to the point.

Let's respect one another's time and boundaries. We are not a good fit if you are … 

  • Looking for an agent. Maybe they exist somewhere, but not here. Shoot me an email if you find one.
  • Exploring licensing or wholesaling your art. Those aren’t in my wheelhouse.
  • Seeking more social media followers. I hope more followers come as a result of raising your profile, but that goal is not what I focus on with my clients.
  • Needing a therapist. Please, get the professional help you need. My powers are limited.
  • Searching for shortcuts. If they exist, I promise I’ll tell you, but please don’t contact me and tell me you quit your day job and need to make $50,000 from your art in the next 6 months.
  • Neglecting your work in the studio. Return to top of page if you didn’t catch that earlier.
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