Why You Need a Family of Artists and Advisors for Your Art Business

At the end of a recent email to me, Inner Circle alumnus Margaret Dukeman added the following sentence.

Big thanks to you for the power that you have instilled in me and the ability to move my career forward with purpose and determination!

©Margaret Dukeman, A Sea of Serenity.Oil on board, 24 x 30 inches. Used with permission.

I’m always thrilled to hear that a client’s investment paid off and her business is moving forward. So I continued the conversation to find out more in hopes that it would help other artists.

ABS: This is great to hear. I have to ask: What has made the biggest difference for you?

MD: Over the last year, I’ve realized how valuable it is to have a family of artists and advisors around me.

With this family, I’ve been to say Yes to projects that have been beneficial to my career simply because I had trusted people in the Art Biz Inner Circle that I could approach with questions and for support.

Being a part of the family has also helped me develop my writing skills, which has given me power to speak about my art and stand by it passionately. The more I write the better my presentations and written words become.

As you have said you need to be able to communicate your art. No one could have told me how important writing would be as it was never stressed. Starting your course with an open mind was part of what I promised myself I would do … no matter what was asked of me.

There were times during the Magnetic You class when I wasn't sure why I was writing yet one more page only to find a treasure at the end of that process. I have found that I enjoy creative writing when given the quiet time and space to dig deep.  I am hoping to get even deeper into my writing in the coming year. I want to get to the point where it flows easily.

Margaret Dukeman's studio
Margaret Dukeman's studio.

Margaret Recommends

ABS: I'm curious. What single Art Biz Success program would you most recommend to other artists?

MD: I really like the entire Art Career Success System! If I had to choose one class, it would be the Art Biz Accelerator because of the foundational systems that are core to that program.

Having systems in place is so critical to a smooth running business that I think the Accelerator is the most important class. With trusted systems, I don't mind doing the work as much and can keep up with it. It has taken a lot of work and determination to get things in place but it's so worth it!

Margaret participated in the Art Biz Accelerator as a member of Inner Circle class of 2018. Find out more about these programs:

Next Steps

ABS: What are you working on this year?

MD: There are still times when I feel overwhelmed with projects and situations. However, much of this is because I have more projects and avenues available to me now.

I want to get better at scheduling and breaking down my projects and tasks.  I tend to take it on all at once and can lose track of where I am on a project.  I have confidence that this additional year working on my systems will allow me to be better organized and prepared for the future.

Because of your systems, I know exactly where my income has come from over the past three years and my big focus now is on increasing sales of original work.

About Margaret Dukeman

Photo of Margaret DukemanMargaret’s interest in the landscape stems from the wide open spaces and rolling hills of her childhood in Iowa, but it’s the Irish landscape of her ancestors that captures her attention these days. She writes:

My inspiration comes from the back roads where my soul-filling creativity blooms. Paintings are born where life has slowed to a snail’s pace. A measure of comfort comes from the predictability of a line of weathered fence posts, one after another standing securely as generations of my past. Being able to explore the land, meet the people and experience the daily “grind” that instilled determination, courage and perseverance into past generations brings me fulfillment. This is what I seek to express through my artwork.

See Margaret’s art at MargaretDukeman.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 thought on “Why You Need a Family of Artists and Advisors for Your Art Business”

  1. Wonderful energy in your artwork, Margaret and also for writing about the family of artists and advisors that encourage and have advice and systems to help. I too find Alyson’s posts and abundant offerings of knowledge tremendous support and continued connections important, and even-though for me it has been through the internet, I also feel like part of this family and carry on along with you all…..Thank you for sharing your experience and soulful art! Jane

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