9 Artist Resources for Better Performing Websites and Blogs

There is so much content on this blog and in my programs that a new visitor can quickly get overwhelmed.
I thought it might be helpful if, from time to time, I curated some topics for you.
Today's post brings together a bunch of articles to help with the look and functionality of your website or blog.

Free Articles

31 Types of Photographs You Can Use to Promote Your Art
Just what it sounds like: a compilation of ideas that should keep you snapping pictures for years to come.
Includes 8 different ways you can photograph your art, 9 pictures to take of your office, 7 studio shots, and 8 mugs of you.
11 Fast Website or Blog Fixes
If your website or blog has been under-performing, there’s no need to take drastic measures like creating an entirely new site. Consider these 11 tweaks to give your online presence a boost.
Create a Style Sheet for Your Website or Blog
Is your online presence as consistent and professional as it could be? A style sheet could save you.
Being consistent with your colors, font styles, and font sizes will keep your site in order and save you time because you won't have to think about what to use. You have established rules.
Remix Images of Your Art for a Fresh Look
This post is for you if you are tired of traditional art categories or if your art doesn't make sense in those categories.
It might also be helpful for anyone who just wants a change.
Placing Older Art on Your Website
If I had to write this post again, I'd call it “Earlier Art,” which is a much more appropriate name for it. But whatever you call it, earlier art presents a dilemma for artists.
You don't want it to overshadow your new work, but you do want to be able to share it with people who might be interested. I have some ideas for you in this article.
Strategic E-Marketing: Connecting the Components
I can't tell you how many times I visit an artist's site and can't find their Twitter link. Or even a link to their blog!
Or I'll visit their Facebook profile and wonder why it isn't linked to their business page on Facebook.
Make it easy for people to find you – wherever they first land!
Personalize Your Error Pages
This is a little touch that can go a long way for your readers and visitors.
When they land on a page that you've moved or deleted, tell them you understand how frustrating it is to get a big Error on a page. Try to make it right, and then give them options for staying on your site.

Audio Programwebsite makeover

I called on Pat Velte, my Web guru, for Website Makeover for Artists.
We talked about what artists are doing wrong on their sites and how you can fix the errors. (Most are easy and completely free!)
Click here to learn more about this audio program and transcript.

Blog TriageSelf-Study

Writing coach Cynthia Morris tackled the stuff she's good at (writing!) and I handled blog functionality and appearance in our Blog Triage Self-Study.
20 detailed lessons in audio and PDF files. Plenty to keep you improving your blog for weeks. Read the details here.
 These two programs are no longer for sale.

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    1. Lucy: I don’t know why I’m just seeing this. You can leave them off or wait until you have more. Having Sold work on a site isn’t a bad thing – you just don’t want it all sold if you’re showing your site to a gallery or people to buy.

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