Book vs. Class vs. Membership vs. Coaching

I'm often asked by artists which Art Biz Coach resources might be best for them.
The thread that holds my material together is the emphasis on action.

choices for artists

Read the Book

Get my book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion if you would like a reference source.
When you want to learn best practices for sending an email newsletter, open it up to that chapter. If you want to learn how to build your contacts list, you'll find the answers in a different section of the book.
Lots of people read the book cover to cover, but it's just a good thing to have on your shelf when you need some quick info.
When you buy it from me, you also get the e-book version and a free month in the Artist Conspiracy. (update: No longer available)

Take a Class

Sign up for a class when you want information in a daily-lesson format. Like the book, classes are another way to gather information.
Some of the content in the classes duplicate what is in the book, but most of the content is different – and it's delivered in a very different manner.
Class participation will help you do rather than just read if you make the commitment to participate. You can hold yourself accountable to the extent you want by acting on the daily email reminders and interacting on the private class blog.
Beware: The information in these classes is concentrated into 18 lessons. There's a lot to learn in a short amount of time! I'd commit to at least 1 hour a day for most of the lessons, although it helps to look at the syllabus for each class. There might be certain lessons that you're more savvy about than others. Consider those days for breathing.

Become a Member

Join the Artist Conspiracy membership program for a higher level of accountability. (Program no longer available.)
Unlike my classes, the Conspiracy isn't for gathering information. Sure, there's plenty of it there, but I'm more interested in how you use the knowledge you already have.
I started the Conspiracy for people who had taken all of my classes, read my book, and said, “Now what?” They liked being part of a group and missed the accountability aspect of the classes.
The Conspiracy requires a steadfast commitment to your career and a high level of personal responsibility for your actions.
In the Conspiracy, we set goals each month around a focus area. You can share your goals (if you like) in the active forums. We also have guest interviews and a monthly live Q&A session. Weekly updates are emailed to members rather than the daily ones in my classes.
This month we are focused on planning for a prosperous New Year.

Hire Us

You might request personal help when you need a partner.
It's difficult working by yourself all of the time. And you don't always get the quality of feedback you'd like in a group situation.
We help individual artists with their writing projects. We especially enjoy working with artists who have participated in my classes and read my book. With that background, we have a solid foundation.
I hope this helps you decide what you need for your art career. Questions?

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4 thoughts on “Book vs. Class vs. Membership vs. Coaching”

  1. Your work is golden Alyson…THANK YOU for all the richness that you bring to the Art/Life.
    I have gained so much confidence, and humility, by taking all of your classes, keeping your book at the ready and having been a delighted charter member of the ‘Conspiracy’…then…my Art/Life truly did ‘Blast Off’!
    Now I continually ‘Go Get Organized’…
    I find an ever richer field to share on my ‘Healthy Artist’s Blog’…
    I Cultivate Collectors in new arena’s…and currently I’m deeply involved in my first Artist Initiative Public Art Project.
    No whining. No excuses.
    ~You’ve got gold inside of you~

  2. Learning is often not a one-way highway. You offer so many ways to learn about ourselves, our industry and how to REALLY spend more time in the studio which is where we should be.
    I’ve read the book (twice)…refer to it often….share it out with other artist friends, take the courses and try to keep up in the Artist Conspiracy. They have all helped me so much in the past year.
    Thanks for offering so many pathways on a very long but fruitful journey, Alyson.

  3. Hi Alyson,
    This is a great post and I completely agree with your steps. I found that taking “Cultivate Collectors” after reading your book was a great reinforcement of the material with a more in depth focus of the topic. I also really like your online class format that allows participants to do the work on their own time with printed material and/or audio. It works great with my busy schedule.
    You are doing a great job, and your class made me a believer! Thanks.

  4. I love being a part of the Artist Conspiracy…What I have found is my benefit is not just the gritty hands on stuff but an abstract lifting of my career to a level I had not previously seen…I have moved gracefully from oil painting into rope knotting (nests) then into ferrocement sculpture, all while under the umbrella of the Conspiracy…I am brave with the added support to my career & have chopped so many unnecessary things that the cost is actually less than If I had not enrolled…

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