Finding Meaning < Deep Thought Thursday

I encountered these two related quotes in a recent article:

Artists have access to such a wealth of visual material, it is easy to become overstimulated and difficult to find meaning. Nathan Abels
I make art because I believe that life is about building meaningful relationships with those around me . . .Jordan Casteel
Quoted in The Denver Post, Arts New View: The 12 Best Artists 35 and Under

How does making art lead to finding meaning?
Meaning about . . . ?
Meaning in . . . ?
How does making art help you build meaningful relationships?

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7 thoughts on “Finding Meaning < Deep Thought Thursday”

  1. I started my abstract journey experimenting with masked shapes. As I experimented I began to realise that these shapes could represent intangible concepts such as thoughts and feelings. As I wrote my artist statements I began to analyse what it was about my choice of subject that appealed to me. I think it was a crucial step in the move from Painter to Artist.
    I find now, as I explain my thinking to people it helps to develop a relationship with people. It still amazes me that people get what I’m trying to do.

  2. Debora Stewart

    Art is all about finding a deeper meaning for me. Its a real internal process and things unfold and appear. I often surprise myself and don’t know where things come from. I’ve been telling people lately that I think I just have years of pent up “stuff” that has to come out in my art. I’m really trying to open myself up, get out of my head and let things flow out. I love it when people respond to what I have created and I have made some great connections with people through my art. If someone purchases something of mine it makes me feel great that they have seen something in my work that they want to live with.

  3. In the ten years I have been painting abstractly (the 20 before were representational) I have been interested in color exploration at one level, but at another level, in supposedly concrete ideas expressed in an abstract way. Often while painting, I would think about language (paintings titled “Ups and Downs”,”Here and There,” etc.), or the seasons, and their particular aspects( “Spring Wind”), but now increasingly time and space as well. Since What I paint is not easily accessible to the casual viewer, this leads to some very interesting conversations with prospective clients, as well as some interesting internal dialogues. I often ask and love to hear what the viewer is reminded of in seeing my work. It’s a wonderful way to connect with my audience and learn something, and abstraction itself is the most meaningful challenge and reward I’ve had as an artist, keeping me stimulated and excited about painting!

  4. Most of my subjects are the beautiful things in the troubled rural county where I live. I am committed to finding the good things here! The best thing I ever heard about my art is that it caused a woman who has been a reluctant resident for 25+ years to actually feel thankful that this is her home. That touched me beyond anything I’ve ever heard about my art.

  5. Art has this amazing nature of merging heart, thought, and senses – if the artist is open in these areas space, movement, and form flow and time stops. In a simple way, the meaning is about the act of creation – one of the most wonder state a human being can achieve.
    Artists doing this is a gift to others that they can hold on to, reminding them of the wonder of being human.

  6. I like Michael Newberry’s sayng art is the “merging of heart, thougt, and senses.” That says it beautifully in a very few words.

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