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If your feed whizzes by as mine does, you might have missed these golden nuggets. Just for you . . .
Should artists boycott donating to charity auctions? @CoagulaMagazine
Lowering your prices beyond what is sustainable hurts all makers @ohmyhandmade
So happy going through my LOVED file. Grateful to @originalimpulse for suggesting I keep one. Beautiful people.
Twitter BirdRT @MicheleTheberge We artists have important work to do in the world and valuable ideas to share.
The Artist Conspiracy is for artists who have taken classes and read books and are ready to get to work
Commencement address Jenny Saville's inspiring words. What does she credit to successful art making?
Great idea! Add your url in a hyperlink to all of the descriptions w/ your FB images. via @BMcElhaneyArt on Art Biz Blog comment
Social media immersion for artists. #Philly workshop on 11/5 Dtls
Must see flick: Women Art Revolution. NYT:
RT @DooneyStudio: A wonderful photograph of Lucian Freud painting a portrait of the Queen of England
Just looking for retailers in Australia (or New Zealand). Or ppl w/ a bunch of connections who want a copy of IRBITS @DaniButters Thank you!
Just found out you can edit your FB page name if you have fewer than 100 Likes on it. Nice!
Joining the #bookclub starting July 1? We're reading Joan Mitchell bio. Leave your @ name in a comment here:

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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


1 thought on “Twitter Tweekly from @abstanfield”

  1. RE: Twitter Post [Great idea! Add your url in a hyperlink to all of the descriptions w/ your FB images…]
    I’ve implemented Alyson’s advice to organize photo albums on my Facebook fan page. I’ve also added proper labeling and URL link to my website for each image!
    Thanks for the suggestions – Taking your advice has generated many FB comments and connections.

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