Just starting your art career?

I've been running this “Beginning Biz Basics” column every Monday for 2 months without calling much attention to it.

Today, I thought I'd point out some previous posts that have timeless advice for artists just starting out. Check out the ones that are of interest.

How to organize your artist résumé

What to do if you don't have a résumé

Don't rely on one sales venue

Avoid art career overwhelm

Don't delay your artist mailing list

Send it snail mail

Is your art big enough?

Brag better about your art, about you

Tips for writing your artist statement

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4 thoughts on “Just starting your art career?”

  1. Gee Alyson, this is fabulous stuff! I link to your site regularly as it has such excellent information, but this is a real winner. Thank you for collecting it all in one easy to access place.

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