The Art Biz ep. 175: Why I Want Partnerships with Art Galleries with Evita Tezeno

So many artists are down on their galleries and considering leaving them.

There are absolutely many reasons not to stick with your gallery, but that’s a different post and podcast episode.

I wanted to share the story of an artist who is thrilled with her gallery and who recognizes the value that gallery brings to her career.

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My guest for this episode of The Art Biz is Evita Tezeno—an artist who has grand ambitions for herself.

Not content with the status quo, Evita aims for recognition by prestigious honors like the Guggenheim Fellowship (check ✅) and the MacArthur Fellowship, the so called “genius” grant (check ✅).

She aims for the stars! “Higher than the heavens,” as she put it to me.

And she knows she can’t get there by herself. She needs strong gallery representation and a team of people behind her, and she’ll tell you why.

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Evita Tezeno collage
©2023 Evita Tezeno, What If I Told You I Loved You. Mixed media collage on canvas, 60 x 48 x 1.5 inches. Photo by Kevin Tudor.



Evita Tezeno in studio
Evita in her studio. Photo by Exploredinary.

Evita Tezeno Quotes

“I had this dream that an angel came to my door and gave me a blueprint of another style.”

“This dream was right on target.”

“[After Denzel Washington bought 8 pieces in 2019] I was able to get another studio and I have never worked for anyone again.”

“The gallery now has me working larger. I love working larger. I love it.”

“I consider myself a visual storyteller.”

“[My life coach] has gotten me to dream bigger than I ever thought that I could dream.”

“I want more museum collections and I want my work also to be known, not only nationally or regionally, but internationally…. So we are reaching toward the sky or the heavens.”

“The art career that you dream of or you envision does not come easy. You have to struggle. You have to go through necessary pains to get to where you want to be.”

About My Guest

Evita Tezeno (b. 1960) is a Port Arthur, Texas native and graduate of Lamar University. She lives and works in Dallas. Tezeno's collage paintings employ richly patterned hand-painted papers and found objects in a contemporary folk-art style.

Tezeno is the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in Fine Arts from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in New York and the Elizabeth Catlett Award for The New Power Generation. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Dallas Museum of Art; African American Museum of Dallas; Perez Art Museum Miami, FL, and the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA. 

Follow her on Instagram @evitatezeno

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8 thoughts on “The Art Biz ep. 175: Why I Want Partnerships with Art Galleries with Evita Tezeno”

  1. Just listened to podcast with Evita. Pure inspiration. That lady knows who she is and lets it shine! That’s what I call living and creating to the fullest! Thanks for sharing this artist and her story with us Alyson!

  2. I just loved this conversation. I’ve worked with galleries over the years and have sold my work exclusively through my website. Neither method is the perfect option from my experience. The relationship Evita has developed with her gallery is what is important. The mutual respect and commitment to her success is what matters.And her work is outstanding. I’m a fan for life.

  3. What an inspiration Evita is. I am going to rethink my goals for this year and beyond. I love her work. Several of her pieces remind of people I knew in my childhood. Thank you Alyson for this wonderful episode.

    1. Karen: Yes, she is! I can see that you all might have some things in common re where your work comes from. I hope you connect with her.

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