10 Affirmations for Artists

We all need a little pick-me-up when we're overwhelmed, uninspired, or unfocused

Please return to these 10 Affirmations for Artists whenever you need a jolt of motivation or confidence.

Audio-only and printable versions are below.

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30 thoughts on “10 Affirmations for Artists”

  1. Perfect! Thank you so much! Despite the flood & losing home and studio it is a Happy Thanksgiving! ???? I am grateful for all the help and blessings!?

  2. Carolina Marquez-sterling

    Happy happy Thanksgiving Alynson.
    These are awesome! Thank you. Can’t wait to start applying these to my every day.

  3. Thank you Alyson. Much needed affirmations. So thankful for your kind gifts and gentle guidance.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Alyson!
    These are so good! Thank you for providing them in the three formats. You do have a good designer and whoever does all your audio and video work.
    Such a loaded and spiritual season we are beginning. As an entreprenurial (I took your free webinar) artist, there’s a lot to take stock of. Pay attention to what went right this year and you would suggest – celebrating it. I loved your end of the year check list last year. I still use it. I did a 6 month check-up, looked at it in October to see how I was doing and will definitely start one for the new year!
    I am very grateful to you for sharing these wise and helpful affirmations. And am taping the little squares all over my new apartment/studio.

  5. Everyday is Thanksgiving! Thank you so much, I’m up in the mountains with my friends. I shared with them your amazing message. As artists, affirmations are really important, feeding our soul.

    1. Alyson,

      My favorite is the one that is my struggle to believe. I need to read/hear/see daily and believe:

      “There is no such thing as scarcity and lack. My success doesn’t mean that others will have less or go without.
      The universe is infinite and abundant. There is enough for everyone.”

      Repeating today…tomorrow…until I get it. That second sentence packs a punch. It goes against much of what I’ve been “taught.”

    2. Isn’t this something? In the past I saw it that way. I learned to look at the present and the future as opportunities for abundance.

  6. 💖Beautiful affirmations. Ill make sure to say them daily to remind myself how valuable artists are to this world. Thank you for these words.

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