Top Art Biz Blog Posts of 2014

At year's end, a look back at the top posts here from the past year.

Top 6 Most-Commented-On Posts

Yep, It’s Art and It’s for Sale

colorful abstract painting
©Patricia Coulter, Jubilant. Acrylic on gallery wrapped stretch canvas, 48 x 42 inches. Used with permission.

Many artists seem are shocked when people don't understand that your work is for sale. And, yet, you're not doing enough to clue them in.

Your Job Is in the Studio

A perennial favorite! This is my annual reminder that if you don't make art, you have nothing to promote or build a career on.

Turn On Your Cell Phones

Take advantage of the fact that everyone who comes to your open studio, booth, or exhibition probably has a camera in their pocket.

Are These 4 Time-Stealers Robbing You of a Successful Art Career?

Many readers could relate to being distracted.

Earlier Work Hasn’t Sold: What to Do?

Let's face it: there is a lot of art out there and artists are not good at curating their own work. Unless your work is highly sought-after and in museum collections already, you are doing a disservice to your family by leaving it for them to deal with.

17 Surprising Ways to Lure People to Your Website

Hopefully you've learned that people don't come just because you build it. You have to entice them to your site.

Top 6 Strategic Marketing Posts You Should Pay Attention To

How Artists Can Apply Youtility Marketing

I love the concept of Youtility marketing as described by Jay Baer in his book. I think it could be beneficial for certain artists to take advantage of it – because so few of you are.

Activate Your Marketing

If you’re waiting for the knock on the door, you’d better like your day job.

Patty Hankins flower photo
Patty Hankins, Bright Pink Gerbera Daisy. Photograph. Used with permission.

Capture Attention With a Whisper

In a world of so much noise, it's the personal touch that will make a difference.

A Cheat Sheet for Your Art Marketing Tasks

What you should/could be doing daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annually to build your art business.

This Is Only a Test: Marketing Experiments to Improve Results For Your Art Business

What could you tweak to get better results?

5 Steps to a Magazine Feature of You and Your Art

Because I want to stress the importance of good photos of you in your marketing – whether they land in a magazine or only on your website.

Top 6 Motivational Posts To Get Your Juices Flowing

Would You Fire Yourself?

Are you a good employee in your art business? Are you doing the work that you'd expect to pay someone else to do?

colorful print by Lyna Lou Nordstrom
©Lyna Lou Nordstrom, Santa Fe Vibrations. Monotype/Chine collé.

The Truth About Why Nobody Came To Your Art Show

Your attendance was poor because you assumed too much. Click the link to see what I mean.

Speak Up On Behalf Of Your Art Career

People have as much control over your art business as you give them. Asking questions and being assertive empowers you and also helps you build stronger relationships.

Powerful Questions That Lead to Progress

If something isn't working in your art business, it's time to evaluate.

Out of Practice: The Physics of Your Art Business

It takes longer to restart something than to keep going.

Schedule Something Scary and Extraordinary

Big ideas are big motivators that yield big progress.

All art featured here is by members of my Inner Circle or former Art Biz Incubator.

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  1. Hi Alyson,
    Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas afternoon. We spent the evening and morning with our family. My sons and my daughter-in-law are funny, and we laughed our heads off, listened to beautiful music, and gave one another so many presents. What a lovely day. I feel blessed beyond measure to have such a sweet family, to have wondrous friends like you.
    Merry, Merry Christmas.
    Much Love,

  2. Hello,
    I usually read your blog via Networked Blogs, but both yesterday and today under your feed there a bunch of very odd… ah… articles? about mostly naked people comes up under your feed. You might want to investigate.

  3. Hi Alyson,
    This seems like a perfect time to say:Thank you! Thanks for inspiring me, for having tons of great advice, for being such a cheerleader to Artists in all different media and at different stages in their Art career. This past year has brought me much success and the largest commission I have had in my career, next year will be so incredibly busy!Wishing you a very good 2015.

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