Artist Planning Sessions

May 18 - 21, 2021

How will you make the most of the second half of 2021?

In these planning sessions, I walk you through a process for creating a flexible plan that's customized for you and your goals.

You're in charge.

Be purposeful in how you use your time.

Attending the Artist Planning Sessions was one of the most valuable things I've done personally or professionally. I had about 45 balls in the air and felt like I was drowning. Just identifying my projects on paper and then listing out the tasks required for each really helped clear my head. Then applying the project approach with a paper schedule and task list was huge. I now have a solid plan of attack for my ambitious projects. Several people close to me have commented about how focused and energetic I’ve been since putting my plan into action.Beth Whitney

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Just $97 $76 through April 28

  • Be open to all that is possible.
  • Consider your current time commitments.
  • Make a realistic plan.
  • Ensure the success of your plan.
Artist Planning Sessions | Art Biz Success

After working through the Artist Planning Sessions, you will:

  • Have a master list of possibilities to refer to for all of your future plans.
  • Learn various methods for planning, because there isn't a single correct way to plan.
  • Know exactly what your priorities are for the next 3 - 5 months so you can take charge of your year.
  • Have new strategies for overcoming roadblocks that might get in the way of your success.
  • Understand that it's okay to change your plan when necessary, as well as tips for making those changes.

Photo courtesy David Paul Bayles from previous planning sessions.

$97 $76 for everything!

These Artist Planning Sessions aren't right for everyone. They will only work when you are open to self-reflection, the planning process (which isn't always easy), and exploring possibilities for your art business.

This is like attending one of my $500 in-person mastermind workshops for a fraction of the cost. You'll be doing similar work from the warmth of your own home, and without the travel expenses.

Save 20% through April 28

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Your planning sessions have helped me zero in on what I’m going to be doing these next three months and I’m so excited by the possibilities. —Karen Phillips

This Online Workshop Includes

Live training + Q&A

Detailed Notes
(more useful than an exact transcript)

11 handouts, including lists, bonuses, worksheets, timelines, and project breakdowns

Video and Audio Recordings
(of everything except for potential breakout sessions)

Please note that I won't be giving you a pre-designed plan.
You know your art and business better than I do, and should
be able to make wise decisions for a customized approach to your plan.

Be prepared to do the work!


2 Reusable Timelines

Consult your 96 Strategies whenever you consider new projects and before customizing your 6 or 12-month timelines.

Planning for Artists | photo courtesy Tiffany Tuley

Photo from previous planning sessions courtesy Tiffany Tuley.

Reclaim Your Investment

When you register for the Artist Planning Sessions, you will have the opportunity to reclaim 100% of your investment if you enroll in one of my programs that I'll be telling you about.

Apply Your Investment

Since taking the planning session for the second time, I feel way more in control of my projects. Before, I'd look at things on my desk or around my house, and think "dang, I still need to do that." Now, I look at those same things and relaxknowing the task has a “home” on my schedule. I feel lighter. —Lisa Hebden

All sessions (except Thursday) are 4 - 6 pm Eastern Time (New York)
3 - 5 pm CT // 2 - 4 pm MT // 1 - 3 pm PT

May 18


We'll review all of the possibilities for your plan so that you can make informed decisions.

You will be able to refer to your master list for years into the future.

May 19


It's important to be savvy and selective about what you allow into your plan and life. I'll walk you through a series of steps that will help you decide which items are best for you and which you can ignore for now. You'll be able to clearly see your priorities for the next few months.

May 20


This day is set aside to work on your plan.

You'll be invited to attend any one of three 30-minute drop-in sessions to ask me anything related to your plan.

May 21


We want to make sure you set yourself up for success and hold yourself accountable for implementing your new plan. I'll review your next steps and answer any remaining questions.

It's Friday! Bring your favorite beverage and celebrate the work you've done.

I will also be briefly reviewing the schedule inside of our community of artists who can help inspire you and hold you accountable for your goals.

Planning for Artists

If you can do this for yourself, great! But, if you're like a lot of my students and clients, you usually don't make the time to work on your business. Or, if you do, you have a hard time following through on the plan.

If you'd like some guidance on what to put in your plan, as well as some tools, templates, and options for making it work for you, please join me for these Artist Planning Sessions.

The planning sessions really got me back on track. In 2020 I produced 17 paintings in the entire year. This week (the first week in February) I began my eighth painting of 2021! I haven't felt this focused and inspired in a long, long time!  I needed some structure and organization to get going and hopefully stay on track for the months to come. Thank you, thank you! Mai Wyn Schantz

Just $97 $76 through April 28

Alyson Stanfield at her desk

About Alyson

Alyson Stanfield is a planner-aholic who has noticed that without a plan (and the accountability that goes with it), she does stupid stuff like sit on the couch all day watching the Hallmark Channel while gorging on leftover Halloween candy.

She developed the Artist Planning Sessions to help artists who are looking for a reset and need the structure and motivation to move forward.

Alyson is an art business coach and consultant who works with ambitious artists who want to take control of their careers. She is the founder of Art Biz Success, host of the Art Biz Podcast, and author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. Alyson created the Art Career Success System to provide artists, regardless of their level of accomplishment, with a reliable and repeatable business foundation.

Your Artist Planning Sessions made it so much easier to wrap my head around and see it in action, with great step-by-step examples along the way. —Tracy Wall


The A's for your Q's

I can’t show up at that time. Will this be recorded?

You bet! We promise the recording will be posted within 24 hours, but each session is likely to be posted within 2 hours of its completion.

What technology do I need to watch live?

You can watch on any device that is connected to the Internet. My webinars are conducted over Zoom webinar (not the standard Zoom where you can see all participants). I suggest you reboot your computer and close out apps you aren’t using to ensure the best connection.

Can I get personal feedback on my plan?

I promise to answer as many questions as possible during our live sessions, especially on Thursday and Friday, but I won't be able to review your individual plan in its entirety. I'm sure you understand that in order for me to give you valuable feedback, we'd need to have an in-depth conversation so that I could better understand your business.

You'll receive options for higher level support at the end of the sessions.

Will I be on camera?

Nope! Skip the makeup that day, chomp your gum, let your dog bark freely, or eat your lunch. Nobody will see or hear you unless you want to come on camera during the Thursday session.

Will I be able to download everything?

Absolutely! You can download the videos, audio files, transcripts, and bonuses. They are yours to keep forever.

What is your refund policy?

I'm confident that when you go through this process, you'll be able to see that the value far exceeds the price of the investment. However, if you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, just email me within 5 days for a refund.

What is included?

The Artist Planning Sessions include:

  • 4 live 2-hour planning sessions
  • Audio and video recordings
  • 9 handouts
  • Detailed notes from every session (almost transcripts!)
  • Q&A time in each session
  • 2 bonus timelines

$97 $76 for everything!

These Artist Planning Sessions aren't right for everyone. They will only work when you are open to self-reflection, the planning process (which isn't always easy), and exploring possibilities for your art business.

This is like attending one of my $500 in-person mastermind workshops for a fraction of the cost. You'll be doing similar work from the warmth of your own home, and without the travel expenses.

Save 20% through April 28