Create Opportunities in the New Year!

Artist Planning Sessions

January 4-7, 2022

In these planning sessions, I walk you through a process for creating a flexible plan that's customized for you and your goals.

You're in charge.

Use this time to create opportunities for yourself and your art in 2022.


Plan with us.

Our next sessions are scheduled for January 4 - 7, 2022.
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After working through the Artist Planning Sessions, you will:

  • Refer to a master list of 96 Strategies for Improving Art Business Results.
  • Learn various methods for planning, because there isn't a single correct way to plan.
  • Know exactly what your priorities are for the next 3 - 5 months so you can take charge of your year.
  • Have new strategies for overcoming roadblocks that might get in the way of your success.
  • Understand that it's okay to change your plan when necessary, as well as tips for making those changes.

This Online Workshop Includes

Live training + Q&A

Detailed Notes
(more useful than an exact transcript)

11 handouts, including lists, bonuses, worksheets, timelines, and project breakdowns

Video Recordings
(of everything except for potential breakout sessions)

Please note that I won't be giving you a pre-designed plan.
You know your art, business, and life better than anyone, and should
be able to make wise decisions when following my training for a customized seasonal plan.

I will, however, encourage you to emphasize creating opportunities for yourself, your art, and your business. This puts you in charge. And you can take the next step of enrolling in our Create Opportunities seasonal program to help you implement your plan.

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Artist Planning Sessions with Alyson Stanfield | January 2022

If you can do this for yourself, great!

But, if you're like a lot of my students and clients, you usually don't make the time to work on your business. (Who HAS time?!) Or, if you do, you struggle to follow through on the plan.

If you'd like some guidance on what to put in your plan, as well as some tools, templates, and options for making it work for you, please join me for these seasonal Artist Planning Sessions.

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Alyson Stanfield at her desk

About Alyson

Alyson Stanfield is a planner-aholic who has noticed that without a plan (and the accountability that goes with it), she does stupid stuff like sit on the couch all day watching the Hallmark Channel while gorging on leftover Halloween candy.

She developed the Artist Planning Sessions to help artists who are looking for a reset and need the structure and motivation to move forward.

Alyson is an art business coach and consultant who works with ambitious artists who want to take control of their careers. She is the founder of Art Biz Success, host of the Art Biz Podcast, and author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. Alyson leads programs that provide artists, regardless of their level of accomplishment, with a reliable and repeatable business foundation.