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Personalized support and coaching from me throughout the year for an affordable investment.

Art Biz Accelerator

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Dear Artist,

Every art business has its changing seasons. Sometimes you are hibernating—laser focused on making new work in the studio. 

You’re generating ideas, experimenting with abandon, and incubating what you see as most promising. 

Other times you are pounding the real and digital pavement. You’re posting, connecting, and creating content like crazy. You have a show to promote or a workshop to fill. 

You are not only an artist. You’re a task-juggling, project-jumping, one-person phenom.

Regardless of what your focus is currently, you can’t afford to neglect the other parts that your business needs to thrive.

That's why most of our programs are available on demand, but that doesn't mean you do them alone. 

You have our community, team, and me for support and accountability as you begin to learn and implement the lessons. 

I'd love to help you succeed.

Alyson Stanfield

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